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Slot Drive Stop Plugs-black

Slot Drive Stop Plugs-black

Morthan Cooling Slot Drive Stop Plugs-black

✔ Seal unused ports on water cooling equipments
✔ Standard thread G1/4", thread length: 4mm
✔ Outer diameter of the plug: 18mm
✔ Height: 4mm
✔ Single pack: contains one stop plug
✔ Twin pack: contains two stop plugs

  • Product Info 1

    <p>Morthan Cooling Stop Plug is essential for closing the unused ports on your water cooling equipments. Great quality is ensured by precisely CNC machined brass with black colour plating. The plug is compatibility with a wide range of brands by using industry standard G1/4" thread. Its knurled edges improve grip and together with a slot screw drive make tightening easy, and quality rubber O-rings guarantee an absolute seal.

  • Product Info 2

    <p>Single pack: contains one Morthan Cooling G1/4 Stop Plug</p>
    <p>Twin pack: contains two Morthan Cooling G1/4 Stop Plugs</p>

  • Product Info 3

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