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There wasn’t a Morthan cooling before 2015 – William was just a Science PHD student who is also a computernik.  He was assembling his first computer and totally enjoying it. There was only one problem – the gears are too expensive for his budget! Just like any nerd, he wants give the best to his first assembled company and began his searching…

William did the research on every single product he could find on the market, but none of it was perfect – either too expensive or simply not good enough.  In searching for the good quality products, he talked to people who were also assembling computers, he spoke to the technicians in the factories, he attended many exhibitions, and he has gone further and further from this path. Finally packed with all the ideas, he decided to fill in the market gap and make the products himself. So that came with Morthan cooling.


So this is the story about Morthan cooling. Well, what can we say - never underestimate a nerd’s determination!

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