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Male to Male 10mm Extender - White

Male to Male 10mm Extender - White

Morthan Cooling Male to Male Extender 

✔ Standard threads G1/4" to connect fittings, radiators, and reservoirs together with female G1/4 threads
✔ Thread length: 4mm
✔ Outer diameter of the extender: 18mm
✔ Extension length:10mm

  • Product Info 1

    <p>Morthan Cooling Male to Male Extenders are essential for connecting components with female G1/4 threads in the water cooling system. For example, extenders are often use with flow splitters. A good combination of fittings, angled adapters and extenders can help to create a simple clean aesthetic look of a water-cooled system. In fact, you can substitute all tubing with extenders and angled adapters!</p>

  • Product Info 2


    <p>Great quality is ensured by precisely CNC machined brass with white coloured electroplating. The extender is compatibility with a wide range of brands by using industry standard G1/4" threads. And quality rubber O-rings guarantee an absolute seal after tightening.</p>

  • Product Info 3

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