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Soft-tube 10mm-16mm Compression Fitting White

Soft-tube 10mm-16mm Compression Fitting White

10/16mm (3/8"-5/8") Fittings

✔ Supported tube with inner diameter of 10mm or 3/8" and outer diameter of 16mm or 5/8"
✔ Standard threads G1/4"
✔ Compatible with most types of flexible tubing, such as silicone, PVC, norprene and rubber
✔ Outer diameter of the fitting: 22mm; Installed height: 18mm inside of the tubing, 15mm outside of the tubing
✔ Support 8mm Allen Key for tightening and loosening

  • Product Info 1

    <p>Morthan Cooling Soft-tube Compression Fittings are designed to securely fit most kinds of flexible tubing. After the barb is inserted into a tube, the locking outer ring prevents the flexible tube to be pulled out of the fitting by compressing the tubing wall underneath against the barb. Thus, eliminates the need of any hose clamp or similar substitute, and provide a simple clean aesthetic look of a water-cooled system.</p>

  • Product Info 2

    <p>Great quality is ensured by precisely CNC machined brass with nickel plating for the barb and anodised aluminium for the outer ring. The fittings are compatible with a wide range of brands by using industry standard G1/4" threads. And quality rubber O-rings guarantee an absolute seal after tightening.</p>

  • Product Info 3

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