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Air Pressure Equalizer Stop Plugs

Air Pressure Equalizer Stop Plugs

Morthan Cooling Air Pressure Equalizer Stop Plug 

✔ Release air pressure in the water cooling system, install at the top of a reservoir for the best results
✔ Auto balance air pressure, press to release air pressure build-up quickly
✔ Standard threads G1/4" to fit most ports; thread length: 4mm
✔ Outer diameter of the plug: 20mm
✔ Plug height: 10mm

  • Product Info 1

    <p>A running system is often sealed tight to prevent leakage, at the same time its inner pressure can fluctuate with the temperature of the coolant, which puts unnecessary strain on the pump and other components. Morthan Cooling Air Pressure Equalizer Stop Plugs are great for regulating the pressure in a water cooling system.</p>

  • Product Info 2

    <p>By installing the plug at the top of a reservoir, it allows only air to slowly pass through while coolant is kept inside by a filter. Pressing the top of the plug like a button opens the valve to quickly release the pressure, however this will break the seal and let water bypass the filter, please be aware!</p>
    <p>Great quality is ensured by precisely CNC machined brass with chrome plating. The plug is compatible with a wide range of brands by using industry standard G1/4" thread. And quality rubber O-rings guarantee an absolute seal after tightening.</p>

  • Product Info 3

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