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24-pin Jumper

24-pin Jumper

Morthan Cooling 24-pin

✔ Allows turning on the power supply (PSU) without a motherboard
✔ Connect to the 24-Pin connector on the PSU
✔ Supply power independently to any component that is plugged in to the PSU
✔ Great for testing a water loop for leaks with only the pump turned on


  • Product Info 1

    <p>Morthan Cooling 24-pin ATX PSU Bridge Jumper is essential for starting up the power supply without connecting the 24-Pin connector to a motherboard and pressing the 'On' button. It is particularly useful for testing a water loop for leaks by switching on only the pump (connect only the pump and the Bridge Jumper to the PSU), such that other components, motherboard, graphics card remain powered off and leaked coolant can be removed without causing any damage.</p>

  • Important

    <p>Important: If the CPU 4 or 8-Pin connector is plugged-in on the motherboard when the PSU is bridged and turned on, it can result in permanent damage of Mainboard and CPU! Do not bridge PSUs without load!</p>

  • Product Info 2

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